Collection: For Weight Gain

Sometimes the opposite is working against you.  No matter what you feed your pet, you cannot get them to gain weight!  Or, you simply need them to bulk up a bit for hunting season, trials or any activity that will require extra physical exertion. If an overactive thyroid isn't the issue, try some of these options to help put on some weight. The treats will be higher in carbohydrates, fat or both.  Remember that most of these products contain complex carbohydrates which will slowly release sugar into the bloodstream. We do not recommend you feed any high carbohydrate foods to pets with diabetes so please note that any product containing starches such as grains, legumes or vegetables (think any foods that are multi-ingredient, shaped products vs. a naturally formed product) will have a higher carbohydrate count than single ingredient foods such as marrow bones, collagen, tendons, etc.