Collection: Frozen Cat Food

Cats being obligate carnivores really need a diet high in protein and fat and little to no carbohydrate like what is found in dry kibbles.  You may say your cat won't eat anything but a dry diet. Since it is very easy for a cat to become carb addicted, it can often be challenging to switch them to anything else.  It is similar to a human trying to stop eating crave it even more.  Just like sugar for humans, there are detrimental results to a cat who is consistently fed a dry diet over the years.  This includes urinary tract infections, diabetes and cancer to name a small few. 

You can start by introducing a frozen raw topper to your cat and see how he does.  He may think you are trying to poison him if he has never been exposed to this.  We suggest starting slowly with only a kernal or two on the dish alongside the dry food.  If he sniffs it and runs away, don't dismay. Try putting a very small amount on his paw.  Since cats are constant groomers, he will begin to lick the raw off his fur which will give him a taste of the goodness he is missing and you will soon see a cat who craves the topping!

If you don't have the patience to introduce even a frozen raw topper to your cat, there are freeze dried raw toppers you can sprinkle over the dry food.  Any raw is better than none and will greatly boost the  nutrition value of a dry diet made up of mostly carbohydrate. As always, provide plenty of fresh water nearby...this is the crucial downside to dry diets....cats just don't drink enough water and their bodies become severely dehydrated as a result.

The benefits of feeding raw are plentiful and the most noticeable are better teeth, shinier coat and flexible joints. Give it a try....your cat will thank you for it!