Collection: Frozen Dog Food

When you switch your pet to a raw or gently cooked diet, or even add raw to an existing dry diet, you will save on supplements and vet bills. Additionally, you will notice the following:

 Improved digestion = Smaller stools A pet's body can absorb most of the food it eats from a raw diet.  You will feed less and your pet will poop less as a result of higher absorption and smaller portions.
Better dental health Dry kibble diets are laden with starches.  This is how kibble keeps its shape.  As starch is chewed up, it binds to a pet's teeth, and the formation of tartar begins. Raw diets are mostly void of starches. Only the damage done by a previous dry food will be left on the teeth after making a switch.  Pro Tip: We recommend ProDen PlaqueOff for this.
Weight Management Dry kibble diets are high in carbohydrate which tends to cause weight gain and sugar imbalances. The ingredients in a frozen diet will not only give your dog more energy, but will prevent weight gain brought on by extra grains and salt.
Shinier coat Healthier skin and a shiny coat are welcome results from eating raw food. Up to 40% of protein from food goes to supporting skin and coat.  Processed cooked foods drastically reduce this benefit. Your pet's coat will smell stinky and be dull and greasy to the touch.
Allergy Reduction Some foods can encourage allergies to flare up. One food type in particular is grains. A raw diet will help to eliminate these risks. And NO, GRAINS DO NOT PROVIDE TAURINE, ORGAN MEATS DO!  Don't be fooled by a vet's response that dog's need grains...that is completely incorrect, trust us.
Stronger immune system Raw diets are rich in natural fatty acids, boosting the immune system and increasing blood flow through natural sources of vitamins and minerals. Your pet will be more energetic and have a stronger digestive system.
Reduced behavior issues Nutrients that are readily available in a raw diet tend to decrease behavior issues. In cooked foods, including canned and dry diets, carbs fuel high blood sugar and insulin levels which present themselves in many ways, often including behavior....remember how you feel at 1pm after you have a bowl of pasta? Imagine having that every morning and night.

Past customers who have made the switch time and time again have been amazed at the positive changes they have seen only after a couple of weeks! Every pet is different and finding what suits your pet best is part of the journey. We suggest giving raw or gently cooked a try.  Your pet will thank you for it!