Kidney disease is becoming all too common in both dogs and cats. It can be seen in both the young and old.

Early detection is very important to minimize and possibly reverse the damage this disease can do. Unfortunately, diet recommendations aren't always correct.  It is not about lowering PROTEIN in your pet's diet! That only masks the problem. 

Prescription diets focused on lower proteins may actually reduce the effectiveness of the kidneys because the amount of blood filtered through the kidneys is related to the amount of protein in the diet. Less protein = less filtration = increased toxin buildup.

Reduction of protein intake is only necessary when the kidney function decreases to such a low point where the toxins build up and cause symptoms such as vomiting, mouth ulcers and anorexia. Most of the time, this is an avoidable situation with the correct diet (which again is, in most cases, NOT low in protein). It is better to look for products that are low in phosphorus which is a mineral most commonly found in bone.

Here are products intended to support the health and proper function of the kidneys.