Ugg, the itching and licking! It is so worrisome to see such discomfort in our pets. Many times, the itching is a food sensitivity. However, we recommend first checking your pet’s skin for fleas, mites, ticks, or lice. If there are none present, then a food may be the culprit. While not always the case, your pet may smell like yeast and her ears may be grimy too. Start by removing chicken and salmon from your pet’s diet for a few weeks and see if that makes a difference. (We have performed over 2,000 analyses of food sensitivity tests and these two proteins top the list.) If that doesn’t do the trick, there may be other allergens to think about.  In this case, we recommend doing a Glacier Peak Wellness Life Stress Scan to determine exactly the cause. It will be less expensive than a vet’s test and much less invasive by using hair and saliva instead of blood draws and pokes.
Here are a few products to help you with pet allergies.  And, if there is a topic for which you would like us to recommend solutions, please let us know by emailing  We are always happy to help!