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Glacier Peak Holistics Pet Intolerance Test

Glacier Peak Holistics Pet Intolerance Test

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Pet got a sensitive stomach?  Loose stools? Itchy skin? Gummy ears? Worms? Wounds that won't heal? Infections? Scooting bum?  Unusual behavior issues?  We can help!

Unlike traditional allergy testing, the Pet Intolerance Test uses biofeedback, which has the ability to detect stress that emanates from the hair and saliva samples. It is so much more than an allergy test for dogs and cats as it can identify imbalances and disturbances within the entire body. 


  • Non invasive 
  • Scans over 300 food and environmental items
  • Identifies energetic imbalances and stressors
  • All inclusive
  • Very easy to use
  • Results within a few weeks or days (if you choose expedited)

Many people ask “what can I give my dog for allergies?” and they invest in cat or dog immune suppressing medicine or expensive specialty dog foods without ever truly understanding the cause of symptoms. Many people are looking for natural remedies for pet allergies and don’t realize it may be as easy as changing the food or environment of your pet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Happy Hounds recommends you perform this test in the morning BEFORE your pet has had any food. That way no recently eaten foods will appear on the mouth swab and cause results to be skewed.

What's included in the Kit:

  • Instructions & Legal Disclaimer
  • 3 Organic Cotton Swabs
  • Plastic Zip Bag (To place the hair and saliva samples inside)
  • Return box 
  • Pre-Paid Return Shipping (for customers within the contiguous United States - sorry Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada there is no return postage offered at this time)

Recommended for pets over 6 months of age.

We understand that your pet may be experiencing extreme symptoms, so Glacier Peak will do their best to get the results to you as quickly as possible. However, Glacier Peak cannot process your kit without a signature submitted online during the application process.

At Happy Hounds, we have reviewed well over 2,000 intolerance test results and have seen the life changing benefits this test can provide when one follows a diet free from the intolerances that are reported on this test. Keep in mind that environmental intolerances can be difficult to avoid so providing your pet with the best possible choice of food is paramount to returning them to their state of balance.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Q: How long does it take to receive my results?
A: Glacier Peak Holistics will complete your pet's scan within 10-14 business days (or 2 days if you choose expedited) from the time they receive your samples and the SIGNED information form. They will send you a confirmation via email when they receive your samples. That email will come from so add it to your contact list to avoid it getting lost in your SPAM

2. Q: How will I receive my test results?
A: GPH will send all results by email directly to the email address you provide.

3. Q: How accurate is this Analysis?
A: Because the analysis is done using the energetic imprint of your pet, the results can vary. The biofeedback technicians take great care in documenting the results according to the output. While there is not a way to put a number value to each highlighted item, rest assured that it reached a level to be considered a stressor which may cause allergy type symptoms. Over 40,000 satisfied customers have used this test with great success.

4. Q: What's the best way to get the saliva samples?
A: The best way to get the saliva sample is to hold all three of the oincluded organic swabs on one end and swab the inside of the mouth along the gum line and cheek area with the opposite end. This will get all three swabs done at once - easier for you and your pet. It is also helpful to wait until just before a meal (dog/cat begins to salivate in anticipation) 

5. Q: Now that I have my results, what do I do with them?
A: Your results will be your pet's road map to achieving optimum health balance. You will see what foods your pet is currently intolerant to. Steer clear of ingredients that trigger itching, irritation, and other unwanted allergy type symptoms. Your results will also recommend beneficial remedies based on your pet's profile, which are critical to addressing the energetic imbalances such as a weak immune system or the presence of fungus and bacteria. Identifying potential food and environmental allergy sources is an important first step, but addressing your pet's energetic imbalances is where you will see the real, lasting transformation.

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