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Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Dog Food

Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Dog Food

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Ultimate Limited Ingredient raw dog food for all life stages.

As a pet food innovator, Vital Essentials® gives dog owners, like you, choices in the products you share with your best pal. A balanced, complete raw meat diet has the essential nutrients that dogs instinctively crave.

Whether freeze-dried or frozen, our wide variety of products all have essential nutrients and are satisfying meal options for dogs. Look for products containing the exact protein your dog wants.

One thing to keep in mind: Vital Essentials products are purely raw. Check the ingredients panel of each, and you’ll find they contain no “junk” ingredients.

All mini nibs come in a 16oz bag EXCEPT for Rabbit which is in a 14oz bag.

Please note: Beef Tripe Nibblets are not a complete and balanced meal and should be used for treating or supplementation to a balanced diet.