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TNDC Bites 95% Training Treats

TNDC Bites 95% Training Treats

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The perfect training treat.

Just like the larger Flips version, these treats are a small bone shape that works well on the go.
All-Natural Jerky Training Treats, made from all-natural free-range venison, rabbit or duck raised without added hormones.  
  • Soft chew that stays together in your pocket or training bag
  • No fillers.
  • No added hormones
  • Contains 95% Venison, Rabbit or Duck.
This tasty bite sized treat is perfect for training and rewarding your best friend.
Just two ingredients in each recipe: 
Why we love them: Every morning, my pups get their "morning cookie" and these are the perfect bite size treat that gives them the satisfaction of a treat without adding a lot of calories. We are pleasantly surprised at how long one bag has lasted with our two pups. I've had these treats for a month and we give them 4 each per day.  There's probably another 5 days worth in there.  GREAT VALUE!