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Skout's Honor Stop Marking! Preventative Spray 35oz

Skout's Honor Stop Marking! Preventative Spray 35oz

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Spray liberally around the home to discourage dogs from marking or re-marking furniture, carpet, walls or any other specific areas. For previously marked areas, saturate the area and wait 5 minutes before blotting up with a cloth. The lemongrass and peppermint oils left behind act as a natural deterrent and help prevent dogs from marking or returning to the same spot twice.

Skout's Paw Pledge: Together we provide a day's worth of food to an animal in need with every purchase (Buy a Bottle, Feed an Animal).

Active Ingredients:

Peppermint Oil 1.50%

Lemongrass Oil 1.25%

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 0.90%

Other Ingredients: 96.35% Water, Cellulose, Mixture With Cellulose Carboxymethyl Ether, Sodium Salt, Vitamin E, Sodium Benzoate 

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