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Nursing Kits

Nursing Kits

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7-Piece Nursing Kits – Orphaned and Newborn Puppies and Kittens 

Includes: Pet Feeding Support Kit with 2 oz Feeding Bottle, Milk Bottle Brush, and 5 Nipples


Recommended as a feeding delivery system for orphaned or newborn puppies or kittens when mothers can’t provide enough milk. This kit includes (1) two-ounce bottle, (1) bottle brush and (5) different nipples for optimal feeding preference. The nipples simulate the real milking process. Can also be used for newborn dogs, hamsters, ferrets, raccoons, guinea pigs, squirrels, rabbits and other pets.


 • Make a hole in the nipple by cutting a small X with a razor blade or scissors. The opening size will determine the flow of the formula. • Monitor the nipple condition as your pet’s teeth develop. • Always consult your veterinarian for specific advice on the care and treatment of your newborn. • To avoid inhaling liquid, keep your pet's head level. DO NOT tilt head backward. Feed your pet in an upright position.

We have been unimpressed with the ingredients of milk replacement formulas out there and would recommend using Feline Naturals Lactose Free Liquid Milk supplement or Raw Goat's Milk combined with Four Leaf Rover's Bovine Colostrum and a teaspoon of simple syrup (mix 1 cup of sugar (NOT ARTIFICIAL) dissolved in 1/4 cup of hot water to make simple syrup).  Simple syrup in the formula reduces the risk of low blood sugar in newborns which can sometimes occur with bottle feeding if it isn't fed consistently enough.


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