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Natural Farm Power Bully Chews

Natural Farm Power Bully Chews

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Power Up Your Pup.

These 2-in-1 chews offer double the flavor, fun, and enrichment. Made from premium, all-natural beef cheek muscle and beef pizzle sheath, dogs won’t get enough of these long-lasting, engaging, and protein-rich treats! The extra thick nature of these chews provides added chew time and makes them perfect for heavy chewers. They’re also highly digestible and made from free-range, grass-fed, all-natural beef without any chemicals, additives, hormones, or antibiotics.


· Extra thick for added chew time

· Ideal for heavy chewers

· Long-lasting, odor-free & highly digestible

· Packed with protein

· 100% natural ingredients

· Mentally stimulating dual texture

· Supports muscle & dental health

· Grain-free, hormone-free & chemical-free

· Made from free-range, grass-fed cattle

Ingredients: All-natural beef cheek muscle (stick); all-natural beef pizzle sheath (wrap) Approximate Kcal per unit: 183 Kcal

Guaranteed Analysis:

Facts %Moisture (max) 9.794 Protein (min) 85.246 Ash (max) 2.726 Fat (min) 0.892 Fiber (max) 0.378 


Feeding guidelines:

Always monitor your dog closely when introducing a new treat and provide plenty of fresh water. We recommend that you minimize chew time to 3-5 minutes at first and increase over a 5-day period. Be extra attentive to young dogs & puppies, and steer away from chews altogether for puppies under 3 months. While all products are carefully selected for the highest quality and safety, please consider your dog’s health, age, diet, and chew capacity before introducing a new treat. Treats & chews should never replace your dog’s diet and is not meant for human consumption.


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