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Natural Farm Collagen Chews

Natural Farm Collagen Chews

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The Good-For-Dogs Chew

Collagen Chews offer dogs a fun and delicious way to receive well-rounded skin, coat, joint, and muscle support. Made with all-natural beef skin from free-range, grass-fed cattle, these highly digestible and nutritious chews are a better and safer alternative to traditional rawhide. The unique shapes are engaging and entertaining. Dogs will adore the savory flavor and their owners will be pleased to know that they’re odor-free! They’re also completely free of chemicals, hormones, additives, and antibiotics. Loaded with natural collagen, protein, and amino acids. Perfect for medium chewers.

  • Rich in protein, collagen & amino acids
  • Supports skin, coat, joint & dental health
  • Fun shapes for mental stimulation & enjoyment
  • Long-lasting with rich beef flavor
  • Odor-free & highly digestible
  • Better & safer than traditional rawhide
  • Single and/or minimal ingredient chews
  • Grain-free, hormone-free & chemical-free
  • Great for all chewing types


Rings and Spirals - 100% Collagen
Best for sensitive stomachs or those that gulp down traditional stick shaped chews
Braided - 100% Collagen
Best for heavier chewers or those that need a longer lasting treat
Gullet Wrapped - Esophagus wrapped collagen
Best for dogs who get bored with their chews or those that need extra glucosamine
Bully Wrapped - Collagen wrapped in a bully stick sheath
Best for dogs who get bored with their chews or those that love a bully stick but their stomachs can't handle a whole one.
Feeding guidelines: Always monitor your dog closely when introducing a new treat and provide plenty of fresh water. We recommend that you minimize chew time to 3-5 minutes at first and increase over a 5-day period. Be extra attentive to young dogs & puppies, and steer away from chews altogether for puppies under 3 months. While all products are carefully selected for the highest quality and safety, please consider your dog’s health, age, diet, and chew capacity before introducing a new treat. Treats & chews should never replace your dog’s diet and are not meant for human consumption.

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