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Messy Mutts Dual Sided Emergency Towel

Messy Mutts Dual Sided Emergency Towel

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Keep your mutt happy...keep your spaces clean. Perfect for helping your mutt out when they're extra slobbery or goopy or unexpectedly wet. Just wipe or dry them with this convenient and highly absorbent towel, which can easily hang from a leash, or store in a car, purse and bag for emergency messes on the go!

Double sided towel is ideal for wiping off slobber, eye goop, wet beards or paws when you are out and about. Made of soft-to-the-touch microfiber which feels nice on the skin and is highly absorbent. Convenient button snap hang tag for drying or attaching to a leash or bag. Use the elastic band to roll up and contain your cloth whether it's dirty or clean.

The mini travel towel is 10" x 10" and is machine washable. Hang to dry and avoid fabric softeners to prolong performance. 

Colors: pink, blue or yellow

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