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Kira June Braids Leashes

Kira June Braids Leashes

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Made in Montana! These braided leashes are beautifully made with love and attention to detail. 

Leashes are made with Type III Paracord, also known as Paracord 550. 550 paracord means each strand can hold up to 550lbs of weight.  All braids use more than one strand, so they are highly durable and safe.

550 Paracord is:

  • fade-resistant
  • mold-resistant
  • water-resistant
  • *trong and durable
  • colorful
  • machine washable

Traffic control is 1.5 feet long
Thin and standard leashes are 6 feet long
Extended is 8 feet long

Care instructions:

ALWAYS wash in COLD water - This is essential for your braids. If you wash in warm or hot water, your braid could shrink!

1. Wash in a delicate cycle with like colors or solo - This is also a good idea. A delicate cycle will be gentler to your braid and hardware (if you have some). If yours has hardware, put it in a mesh bag. This is a good way to protect your hardware (and your washer!) from getting banged up.

2. Always Hang Dry - Never, never, never put your braids in the dryer! Too much heat will make them shrink, but this is also a fire hazard!

If you are ever unsure about using the washing machine for your braids, just hand wash them!


Kira June Braids was founded in early 2018 and became an LLC in Montana in 2022. It started out with learning to make one mecate style rein for personal use and has turned into a fun and enjoyable hobby small business! Their braids are now used across several states and have even shipped internationally!

Emma grew up in Southern California before venturing to Montana to study Equine Science and Small Business Management.  After working at Disneyland for 5 years, she has ventured back to the great state of Montana. She has a Quarter Horse named Gene and two Miniature Australian Shepherds named Cassidy and Zoey who are the best models for all her braids.  Should you be interested in a custom designed leash, please reach out to Emma at Kira June Braids:

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