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Hero Bonetics Dog Toys

Hero Bonetics Dog Toys

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Traditional nylon chews are too hard and can cause broken teeth. HERO Bonetics Chews use a proprietary wood and nylon blend to create a chew that is 46% softer than other nylon chews. HERO Bonetics are as durable as regular nylon chews so they last just as long.

HERO Bonetics are the perfect size and weight, they also have just the right amount of “flex” – they clean dogs’ teeth without damaging them.HERO Bonetics are flavor-infused keeping dogs coming back for more. 

GENTLER ON TEETH - Less worrying about broken teeth.

...AND TUMMIES - No sharp splinters – easier to pass and less likely for stomach irritation.

UNIQUE TEXTURE - Easier to grip making it more enjoyable to chew.

DENTAL BENEFITS - Great for dog’s teeth, keeping them clean and healthy

Dogs chew and play differently, as with any dog toy, ingestion of the product may result in injury. Adult supervision is required and will help chews and toys to last longer and keep your pet safe from injury. Always remove chews and toys from your dog’s playtime should they become broken or begin to shred and break into pieces. Make sure to always size up if your dog tends to be a more determined chewer.