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Four Leaf Rover Green Rover for Liver and Kidney Support

Four Leaf Rover Green Rover for Liver and Kidney Support

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Enhance and support the liver and kidneys naturally.

It doesn't take much for even the largest dog to receive a healthy dose of immune boosting power to reset their systems.  Instead of choosing chemical laden prescribed medicines whose side effects may be unknown and could cause more troubles in other areas, choose real food in a form that most pets readily agree with.

Green Rover is a carefully chosen blend of health-boosting greens. First, there’s Organic Broccoli Sprouts. They're scientifically proven to decrease inflammation and protect the liver. Then Fermented Organic Greens from the earth and sea to supply critical trace minerals and aid digestion.

At Happy Hounds, we have found that this product helps dogs with indigestion ranging from GERD/acid reflux to intestinal distress. If you’ve got a heavy grass consumer (we think some grass eating is fine as long as it isn’t sprayed with chemicals) or a poop eater, Green Rover can supply necessary digestive enzymes to help break down foods which is often the reason dogs and cats seek out other forms in the first place.

Green Rover is an easy way to add the health benefits of organic greens to your dog’s raw or cooked meals. Dogs love the taste.

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