Dexas MudBuster Paw Washer

Dexas MudBuster Paw Washer

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Muddy paws go in, clean paws come out!

The Dexas MudBuster quickly defeats dirty feet! It provides a quick and thorough cleaning of a dog’s muddy paws…...before they track it into your car or all over the house!


The gentle yet sturdy silicone bristles inside the MudBuster loosen dirt and mud from your dog’s paw.

The Large MudBuster is perfectly sized for large and extra-large sized dogs: it measures 8.85 inches tall and 4.75 inches wide. The open top allows a paw up to 3.5 inches wide. Breeds include Bulldog, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador and Husky.

The Small/Petite MudBuster is perfectly sized for smaller and toy dogs: it measures 4.3 inches tall and 3.65 inches wide. The open top allows a paw up to 2 inches wide. Breeds include Chihuahua, Dachshund, Maltese, Pomeranian, Yorkie and Boston Terriers.

Easy to Use

The MudBuster is so easy to use. Even the raised dot pattern on the outside makes it
easy to grip and twist. Follow these steps, then repeat for 3 more feet!

Add need to fill it full!


Guide the muddy paw in and do the twist.

Dry off paw with towel, discard muddy water and rinse.

Other uses for the MudBuster:

Cleaning treat dispensing toys that have a lot of grooves.  Add water as you normally would and rotate toy up and down and in circles and then leave to soak for a few minutes to help loosen the really stuck on bits. Repeat if necessary. 

Use as a treat dispensing toy for dogs who don't destroy! Wrap a couple of rubber bands around the top and sides to minimize noise and make it a little harder too.