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Cow Ears with base (each)

Cow Ears with base (each)

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A very satisfying, digestible and beneficial chew.

Cow ears have a consistent natural shape and a long-lasting rich roasted flavor. This single-ingredient, oven-baked, treat is a classic favorite with its natural low odor. They can also help dogs with improving their oral hygiene. Chewing on cow ears helps to remove plaque from the teeth, and reduce the chances of developing periodontal disease. These cow ears include the base of the ear which adds extra meatiness, satisfaction and chew time.

Ingredients: Made of 100% cow ear and sourced from premium South American free-range, grass fed cattle without hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

Hand-sorted by weight to ensure a uniform product and may vary in size. The size is 8-10+" in length

Chew Meter: Medium

Recommendations: Intended for intermittent/supplemental feed only. 

Store and Preserve: Cow ears are reusable and can be stored for weeks with proper storage. Simply dry it off in between uses and store it in cool, dry places. Unused cow ears may last up to 2 years in a dark cool place. 

Nutritional Facts

Crude Protein: 26.3% min
Crude Fat: 12.8% min
Crude Fiber: 0.10% max
Moisture: 10.5% max
3,500 Kcal/kg

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