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CANOPHERA - Dog Chew Made of Briar Root.

CANOPHERA - Dog Chew Made of Briar Root.

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Briar root chews are the most durable and nearly indestructible wood chews from CANOPHERA. These chews are best suited for super aggressive chewers. They are completely free of additives and artificial ingredients. They can also help dogs to relax and can improve their dental health.


Experience the hardiness and beauty of briar root, a natural product from the Heather Tree that grows in the Mediterranean region of Europe.The Canophera's small family businesses have been harvesting briar root by hand in the traditional way, preserving the forest and its unique landscape.

WHAT MAKES CANOPHERA BRIAR ROOT CHEWS SPECIAL? The Briar Root chew stick, like their coffee wood counterparts, promotes relaxation and improves dental health for dogs. These roots are free of additives and artificial ingredients and are completely calorie-free, while still satisfying a dog's innate urge to chew. With a 100% natural composition, weights may differ.

Sizes Medium, Large and XL

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