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  • BB - Bully Sticks Bulk Treat BarkNBig 12 inch
  • BB - Bully Sticks Bulk Treat BarkNBig
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Bully Sticks

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Bully sticks are the foundation products when it comes to natural animal parts. This animal part comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some are better suited for your dog than others. But there is no denying that these products are going to get that tail wagging.

Bully sticks provide jaw stimulation - These chewy, protein-packed sticks give your dog a chance to work their jaw muscles that can naturally reduce anxiety and stress.


Great for dogs of all sizes, our odorless 6" Thick Beef Bully Stick is thicker than the competitors' and promotes dental hygiene by cleaning teeth and massaging gums.


Twice as long as the 6" bully stick, odorless and best for aggressive chewing small dogs or larger dogs that need something to keep them busy for awhile. If your pup gets enough beef in his diet, try a bison tendon. These are naturally lower in fat and tend to be tougher than its beef counterpart.

BULLARGE 11" - 13"

This is the beast of all bully sticks. Designed for aggressive chewers, The Bullarge Beef Bully Stick is extra tough, odorless, thicker than the competitors' and are made to ensure functionality and a desirable taste. 

Nancy M. Verified buyer

Barkn'Big is a pasture-to-chew company. All of Barkn’Big’s raw materials are sourced from animals raised in the U.S. then prepared and cooked at their 20,000 square foot facility in Loveland, CO. All products are inspected by US Regulatory agencies and held to very high standards. They use a dehydration style cooking method that involves lower temperatures for longer periods of time therefore keeping as much of the macronutrients intact and unchanged by not over cooking at high temperatures. Due to some moisture loss, some of the micronutrients are lost, however this is what enables them to keep products shelf stable without the use of harsh chemicals.

How do they become odorless? Their bully sticks are delicately cleaned and treated with a proprietary marinade. The marinade is cooked off while being slow baked leaving the bully sticks odorless.