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Earth Animal Nature's Protection Flea & Tick Daily Herbal Drops

Earth Animal Nature's Protection Flea & Tick Daily Herbal Drops

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Defend and Reduce Naturally

This synergistic herbal blend aids in enhancing immunity and defending cats and dogs from fleas and ticks when in contact with them. These chosen herbs strengthen the body's defense system and reduce the itching and allergic reaction caused by bites.

Protect Naturally

A healthy body is one of the best barriers to insect bites and infestations. That’s why our Nature’s Protection Daily Herbal Flea & Tick Drops should be given during mid and high flea & tick seasons in your region. We recommend adding these to our Daily Internal Powders for optimum prevention against fleas and ticks.


Garlic, Goldenrod, Yerba Saanta, Tobacco, Wormwood, Yellow dock, Neem, Rue and Nettles, Alcohol, Flower Essence Blend of (Cherry Plum, Elder, Hornbeam, Vervain), Glycerin and Water.

Dogs and cats should never be the carriers of synthetic chemical insecticides or pesticides. Ever.

INSTRUCTIONS: TO BE TAKEN ORALLY, twice daily. Can be given with food, water or directly in the mouth.

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