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Evolution Undercoat Rake

Evolution Undercoat Rake

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The Evolution Dog Undercoat Rake with Rotating Pins is designed for dogs with thick, heavy coats or with undercoats. The rotating teeth pull through the dog's coat without damaging it. Comfort grip handles make grooming your dog a pleasure. Available in double row or single row, these rakes feature smooth, rounded pins that penetrate deep into your dog's coat to remove any loose undercoat.

This quality dog grooming tool features unique, non-snagging pins that clear loose fur and undercoat from your pet. You'll be amazed how much hair the two rows of 39 pins will remove, especially during seasonal shedding periods!

Features & Benefits -

  • Grooming rake for dogs with thick, heavy coats and undercoats.

  • Rotating pins pull through the coat without causing damage.

  • Penetrates guard hairs to remove loose undercoat and help prevent matting, without pulling and causing damage.

  • Comfort grip handle is made for your ease of use.

  • Keeps your home cleaner by reducing shedding volume.



  • One Size = 5.5 Inches long by 4 Inches wide.


Ideal for removal of loose hair and undercoat from long and double-coated breeds.

Also helps to remove burrs!

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