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Dematting Rakes

Dematting Rakes

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Removes Stubborn Mats and Tangles without Pulling.

Designed for pets with medium to long coats these dematting rakes are made with high quality craftsmanship that is behind every Bamboo Groom grooming tool. Handcrafted from one of the worlds most sustainable resources: bamboo. It is both lightweight and durable. Featuring serrated blades, this rake is ideal for medium to long coats of all types: curly course etc., and swiftly removes stubborn mats or tangles without pulling and reduces shedding from the undercoat.

Grooming instructions
Before you begin grooming your pet make sure they are calm and comfortable. Introduce the grooming tool to your pet by letting them sit and sniff it. Use the demanding rake to break up and remove mats. Then use a slicker brush or comb to detangle. Once your brush or comb can get through the fur smoothly, move onto the next mat and tangle. Use treats and soothing reassurance during the grooming process to maintain your pets positive attitude. Regular grooming, once or twice a week for several minutes, will keep your pets code clean and detangled with a healthy shine.


  • Available in two different sizes - Small/Medium and Large
  • Bamboo construction
  • Ergonomic thumb placement and handle.
  • Handmade to be gentle on the planet and your pet.



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