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Buba Chews Water Buffalo Horn

Buba Chews Water Buffalo Horn

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Only Grass Fed Free Range Water Buffalo. 

Large (6-10oz) for dogs 25-50lbs
Jumbo (10-16oz) for dogs 50lbs +
Longhorn (full tip) for dogs 50lbs +

Is your pup an aggressive chewer?

Buba Chew Benefits:

  • Supports an emotional balance and may help with naturally anxious pups
  • Promotes dental health through scraping off plaque as your pup chews on it
  • Natural alternative to rubber treat stuffer toys

Ages: 6mos+ (Hard chews should be given after puppy teeth have been replaced with adult teeth)

Water Buffalo Horns are sourced in Northern India from a trusted and reliable exporter that we Diggin Your Dog knows personally and has been doing business with for years. Perfect for dogs of all sizes who may be naturally anxious. Many studies have shown that licking and chewing releases endorphins in a dog’s brain. May be used as a daily chew toy to promote good dental health. Pro Tip: Stuff the horn with cottage cheese or peanut butter and freeze for an interactive treat! Always supervise your dog when they are chewing on buffalo horns.