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Here's a collection of products that assist with correcting diarrhea, constipation, kidneys and urinary tract concerns. If you are looking for products to assist with hind leg weakness, use search terms on this sight such as "Inflapotion", "collagen" and "hip and joint". 
We would all love to see our pets thriving at every moment of their all too short lives.  While we recommend that individuals seek a veterinarian's help when problems arise, we would encourage you to use your independent pet store's guidance on food and treat recommendations as much as possible. Most pet supply stores cannot set a broken bone or perform a life saving surgery while most veterinarians do not receive an adequate amount of nutrition information to properly recommend correct diets for your pets.  What traditional vets DO receive often comes from multi million dollar corporations like Hill's Pet Nutrition which carries a line of expensive "prescription" diets. (Great article here: Busted.) We know we can't solve every problem with nutrition, but we can help guide you to what your pet should be eating and why. Nutrition labels are a human's guide at the grocery store so use them for your pet's food too.
In the meantime, here's a little guidance to help you with some common hind end issues. And, if there is a topic for which you would like us to recommend solutions, please let us know by emailing us at We are always happy to help!

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