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Water Safety

Ruffwear Float Coat Life Jacket for Dogs

Like many pet owners, my dogs are family and we want to share our lives with them as much as possible. This means they recreate with us any chance we have the opportunity to do so. One of my favorite pastimes is on the water.Living in the Flathead, who couldn’t say that?

When you bring along Fido, consider their abilities to navigate different types of water and add the safety of a life vest. While there are dogs that are practically born in the water and one would never think this was a necessary accessory, unexpected things can happen and you need a way to handle them when they arise. Each scenario may differ greatly, but your ability to control the situation can make all the difference. Consider for example, an area of swift moving water. I had a Labrador that wasn’t a strong swimmer. A life vest gave her the opportunity to stay buoyant enough to keep her above water when rapids would toss her around. I’ve also had dogs who don’t love water and have fallen overboard after spotting other dogs or wildlife. A life vest gives you both peace of mind as well as a grab handle to easily and quickly pull them back on board. Lastly, and maybe most importantly is the aging dog. While I’ve had dogs who could swim across the lake in their prime, as they age and strength begins to wane, it becomes increasingly more difficult for them to keep their heads fully above water. This can be a dangerous situation if your dog is gasping for air and constantly gulping water as a result.

It is worth every penny to invest in a life vest for every member of your family, furry and non. If it keeps the life you love safe, you can enjoy the extra time on the water that it affords you without worry. Have fun and stay safe!

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