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My opinion on Pup-Peroni

A distributor made a mistake in the delivery this morning and we ended up with a bag of Pup-Peroni. Some of you might say “Hey, Pup-Peroni! My dog really likes those!”  I looked at the back of this bag and I must tell you folks, this is garbage. 

First, you have beef which would be fine except that you need to know where this is sourced. This is a cheap bag of treats, so the sourcing is probably awful. (When I say “sourcing”, I mean where does this meat come from. Cheaper meats usually come from what are considered 4D sources: dead, diseased, decaying or dying animals, or even locations like China. This can include animals that have been euthanized. Hello phenobarbital!) 

Meat byproducts – an UNNAMED protein - that is scary....again think about roadkill, euthanized animals, sick/diseased animals... 

Soy grits - that's just GMO and soy is not that easy for dogs to digest so I try to avoid it in my dog’s diet at any cost. 

Liver - well again, where is it sourced and from what animal?

Sugar – SUGAR? They add this to make it addictive and taste better. Dogs should not eat sugar. In a dog’s body, this can quickly lead to diabetes. 

Then we have bacon - again, where is that pork sourced from? 

Salt. - Another craving additive.

Propylene glycol - that is a water absorber. Dogs need more water not less water! (I cannot stress this point enough, especially if you feed a dry dog food.) I looked up propylene glycol and the internet shows images of huge tubs of this chemical stuff. I was disgusted. 

Garlic powder, potassium sorbate, and caramel color - Do you think your dog cares what color his treat is? The Red 40 colorant in this is linked to studies done on cancer. It is one of the three most common colorant culprits linked to cancers. 

Then there’s natural smoke flavor, onion extract (raw onion is toxic to dogs) and... 

BHA - again a preservative that is linked to cancer. BHA found in foods has been known to be carcinogenic. 

I cannot in good conscience donate this to the shelter. 

When considering dog treats, there are some incredibly healthy and still inexpensive treats out there with named and well-sourced ingredients. Choose them over something like this – your dog will thank you for looking out for his health. 


*Disclaimer: The above statements are my opinions based on research I have done and my own experience. It is always recommended that you do your own research to determine what is best for your pets.

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