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Tick Season Is Upon Us!

We all look forward to warmer weather as we dust off our lighter weight clothes and head outdoors with our pets in tow. However, along with rising temperatures comes a less welcome part of the season: ticks!

Chemical tick treatments can have negative side effects on a pet’s digestive tract, internal organs and overall health, both short and long term. Thankfully, there are natural home remedies for both animals and humans to ward off these pesky pests that are both safe and effective.

Herbal flea and tick topicals– Mix equal parts Yarrow Powder, Diatomaceous Earth and Neem Powder in a shaker jar. (Replace the Yarrow with Catnip if using for a cat.) Apply as necessary, avoiding the face and brush into your pet’s coat.

Tick Shampoo – If your pet has existing ticks, mix several drops of Cedarwood oil with your favorite cat/dog safe lavender shampoo. Let the suds sit on your pet for twenty minutes before rinsing. This should kill any existing ticks or prevent new ones. (You may wish to spot treat a cat’s coat considering they are quite challenging to bathe!)

Citrus repellent – Cut a lemon into quarters and put into a pint jar. Cover with boiling water and let steep overnight. Put the solution in a spray bottle and spray your pet behind the ears, the head, avoiding the eyes and mouth, the hind end, and under each leg. For additional protection, a few drops of clove oil can be added to the mixture.

Make-at-home repellants aren’t for everyone. If this is the case for you, drop by our store or click here to inquire about and purchase safe and effective options for your pet that are safe for you as well. 

Here’s to happy, tick free hiking ahead!

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