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What’s New…

We love to keep things fresh and exciting for our furry friends so here’s what we’re into now.

  • Savage Cat Rabbit Strips and Chips

    Um, What Is THAT?

    We’ve heard that a time or two. Single ingredient, high protein, low fat, American sourced body parts. Yep, for dogs and cats, it doesn’t get much better. Some treats are commonplace, some are weird and a few may even be gross, but dogs and cats crave these treats.

  • Intact and Destroyed Tennis Balls

    Yep, We Get It.

    We know it's frustrating to buy a new toy just to have it destroyed in 2 seconds flat. We can't promise you it won't happen again, but we'll keep our toys affordable and try to help you find THE ONE that doggo will love forever.

  • Pug laying with tongue sticking out

    Sometimes The Belly Doesn’t Agree.

    We’ve heard it. “MY pet is so sensitive! He can’t eat anything new or different.” A bland and often incomplete diet is not the answer. If your pet is out of balance, natural, cost-effective solutions bring that belly back to tail wagging or cat purring bliss.

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    Is your pet eating a lot of grass, vomiting, and/or refusing to eat? Ruling out any underlying conditions by your vet, we tend to have success with these beneficial belly soothing food supplements.

    Indigestion Solutions 

    We talk a lot about poop and pee in our store. It’s okay —it happens. We just hope it is the right consistency and quantity in the right place, every time. If it isn’t, these foods can help.

    Hind End Solutions 

    Is your pet scratching like crazy? It could be seasonal allergies or a food sensitivity. If you see scratching combined with paw licking or head shaking, that is more likely a food sensitivity. Alleviate your pets immediate itching and/or make a food change.

    Allergy Solutions 

    Whether under or overweight, it can be detrimental to your pet if they don’t receive the proper nutrition and exercise. Here are some suggestions that may help resolve concerns on both ends of the scale.

    To GAIN Weight, try THESE

    To LOSE Weight, try THESE


    Whether your pet needs a cleanse or kidney support, try these before resorting to a lackluster prescription food. Your pet and your wallet will thank you!

    Kidney Support 
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    Nice little place with a friendly
    owner, good selection and great prices. Really knowledgeable about what your pets need.

    ~ S.A.

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    Oh my goodness! Awesome find! New to the area and stumbled upon this little gem of a store! They have a great variety of food, treats, pet coats, etc. A must stop if you have furry friend you want to spoil!

    ~ A. Swanson

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    Best owners, kind, friendly and
    super knowledgeable. Superior products at prices that rival box stores. Our dogs are happy hounds now.

    ~ K. Moses

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    Awesome little shop, super friendly staff, and great merchandise. Lots of healthy food options for my fur babies.

    ~ G. Limon

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