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Freeze Dried Pork Kidneys

Freeze Dried Pork Kidneys

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These pork kidneys have been sliced and then freeze dried, which helps preserve important nutrients. 

Key Benefits: Freeze drying is a method that removes water using pressure (rather than heat), which preserves the nutritional values of whole foods. Pork kidneys are a nutritious organ meat, and a good source of B Vitamins, Iron, Zinc, and Folate. Kidney is a great supplement to add to any pet's diet who is suffering with kidney problems (and no, it is not a protein issue, it is a phosphorus issue when it comes to the kidneys - feeding a low protein diet will aggravate the kidneys more than help them as protein aids in filtration.)

Chew Meter: Light. Most dogs will be able to eat this treat fairly quickly.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein: 70.4% min
Crude Fat: 4.5% min
Moisture: 9.0% max
Fiber: 9.0% max

Made in USA

Sold in a 3oz bag