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Freeze Dried Pork Heart

Freeze Dried Pork Heart

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A nutrient dense superfood.

The benefits of organ meats are many. Pork heart is no exception. Dogs crave organs because they taste good.  Their bodies need them for their high levels of vitamins & minerals. It's a win-win! Delicious chunks of goodness for the dog you love.
Key benefits of pork heart:
  • Iron (boosts red blood cells, oxygen utilization, and energy)
  • B-Complex Vitamins(B6 and B12: cardio-protective effects)
  • Zinc(strengthens the immune system, thyroid function, toughens up paw pads and provides a healthy skin and coat)
  • Taurine (protects against heart disease)
  • An excellent source of vitamin A and copper

Our pork heart is sold by the ounce.  If you want 4 ounces of pork heart, choose a quantity of 4.

      Ingredients:100% Pork Heart: Single-ingredient, single-source protein from the USA.

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