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Karen's Naturals - Organic Freeze Dried Human Grade Fruits

Karen's Naturals - Organic Freeze Dried Human Grade Fruits

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At Karen’s Naturals, we offer products free of artificial preservatives and sweeteners.  We are dedicated to providing customers with premium produce, just as Mother Nature intended.

Our freeze-dried products are sourced globally from farms, ranches, and orchards where they are picked at the peak of ripeness.  The produce is flash-frozen and only the water is removed through the freeze-drying process.  Temperatures never exceed 90 degrees ensuring the nutritional integrity of the raw materials remains in tact.  The process creates a very light and crisp treat, full of natural flavors.

Our dehydrated products are either grown on the Cox Ranch or neighboring California farms.  These items are dried with warm air (temperatures never exceed 125 degrees) resulting in delightfully chewy snacks that are bursting with flavor.


These Organic Strawberries capture the essence of summertime in a delightfully crunchy treat.  Preserving both flavor and nutrients, they are a convenient way to enjoy the sweetness of strawberries year round.  Sprinkle on yogurt, cottage cheese, salads, and cereal, or mix into smoothies, pancakes, or baked goods.   Excellent source of vitamin C, manganese, fiber, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory heart-protective properties.  


Light and airy, sweet and crisp - these freeze-dried organic banana slices are a perfect addition to cereal, your favorite baked goods, yogurt, smoothies or straight out of the bag for a yummy snack. Bananas are an excellent source of fiber and potassium.


Nothing's sweeter than a just ripe apple plucked right from the tree. Organic Apples are sweet, tart and delightfully crunchy.

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