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BarknBig Bison Marrow Bones

BarknBig Bison Marrow Bones

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Great for dogs of all sizes, these slow-baked Bison Marrow Bone is a source of healthy fats and also promotes dental health.Real, Natural Bones for Dogs

As BarknBig engages new bones, there is a standard of safety, quality and palatability each bone must meet. As pet parents, safety means a lot and so does nutritional value. That's why BarknBig takes every precaution to ensure that bones retain nutrition, are produced safely and intended for the right dog. With their precautions and your supervision, these healthy bones can work their way into your dog's diet with ease. The process to making the best bones for dogs include the following:

  1. taking the time to detach a hazardous small bone fragment from a large bone
  2. slow-baking the bones at low temperatures to help reduce splintering and keeping marrow intact
  3. keeping them chemical free.
  4. relentless testing from the fur crew and all their close friends.

The 3” Marrow Bones are the exact same as the 6” Marrow Bones, just cut in half to expose the marrow. The smaller size and easier access to the marrow gives small and medium dogs a delicious, healthy chew.

There are different types of chewers out there. Some gum and lick, some bite and snap. We leave you the responsibility to categorize your dogs' chewing habits. 

As a pasture-to-chew company, BarknBig products are fresh and SOURCED IN THE USA.

Made in Loveland, Colorado

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