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Kurgo Tailgate Dumpster

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Kurgo Tailgate Dumpster For Dog Poop Bags

A lot of us struggle with having to carry around Fido's waste, especially when on a trail or a hike in the mountains and there is no trash around! You want to be a good, faithful citizen by keeping the waste in your car until you find a trash, yet, you don't want to stink up your car and torture yourself with the odor.

We understand how testing situations can become, that's why the Kurgo Tailgate Dumpster For Dog Poop Bags exists. With this dumpster, you don't need to worry about carrying extra weight or feeling dirty and smelly.

Note: This is a magnetic product and will only adhere to metal surfaces and will not work on aluminum or fiberglass. Most bumpers and some large SUVs and trucks have rear doors made of fiberglass or aluminum. For trucks, attach on the inside of the tailgate for security, wind flow may blow it off the outside of the tailgate.

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Fits 1-2 dog waste bags when you're out and about

Out on the trail with no trash can in sight? The Tailgate Dumpster easily attaches to your car, carrying the dog waste so you don't have to smell up the interior of your car!

Size: 5.5"L x 5"W x 2.5"D

Magnetic front closure for security

Front closure magnetically closes shut so the dog waste bags stay securely in the container while driving.

Three interior magnets for a strong hold

Three rear magnets keep the Tailgate Dumpster in place. When the adventure is done, the container easily detaches so you can dispose of your dog's waste.