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Raw Dog Barkery

Freeze Dried Frog Legs (by ounce)

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Your pets will literally jump for joy.

Frog legs are a highly nutritious delicacy for your pet that we don't come by often. Frog legs are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, potassium and Vitamin A. The taste is often considered to resemble chicken due to its mild flavor and its texture is similar to chicken wings. If you have a pet that can't have chicken but adores the taste, give frog legs a try! 


  • A very lean, low fat, and low calorie treat, they are fantastic for those pups and kitties watching their waistlines.
  • Those that need enhanced joint support - full of glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • As an eye elixir - they are high in vitamin A to support ocular health
  • Brain cognition/function - high in Omega 3s that support the brain as well as skin and coat.

Each frog leg measures about 4" long and weighs 0.2 to 0.4 ounces..  A perfect high value training treat that is species appropriate for both dogs and cats! This is a very satisfying low calorie treat for your lucky pet. 

Gluten Free, Grain Free, Starch Free, Preservative Free!

These are sold by the ounce.  A quantity of 2 will give you 2 ounces of frog legs. Each ounce will give you approximately 4 to 5 frog legs.

Ingredient: Freeze Dried Frog Legs

Raw Dog Barkery's philosophy is that dogs & cats are entitled to the same quality whole foods as humans. All of our products are made from real whole foods (never from trimmings) that were intended to be on a human plate.