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Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower and Activity Tree

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$129.95 USD
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$129.95 USD
Designed for cats who love to climb and perch up high. What cats don't? It's part of who they are. A better alternative to the over-engineered cat trees...INTERACTIVE DESIGN TO IMPROVE YOUR CAT'S WELLNESS: For cats who love to climb & perch up high. Great stimulation for young kittens AND older cats. No age discrimination. Stretch, scratch, jump, climb, perch, lounge & play
  • MODERN CAT FURNITURE: Compared to the over-engineered cat trees which clutter your living space and actually limit your cat from climbing. That's what some cats believe curtains are now for :)
  • SAFETY FIRST EASY WALL ASSEMBLY: (i) Includes zinc drywall anchors that can be attached to your wall with a hammer & screwdriver and also easily removed with just a screwdriver. No drilling required unless you prefer to anchor into studs or have plaster walls. (ii) Estimate 15-20 minute total assembly time
  • PEACE OF MIND: Premium E0 grade MDF passes formaldehyde safety regulations. Product also passes stricter European REACH standards
  • 24 x 20.8 x 76.8 inches (lwh).
  • Replacement posts available