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Deer Antler Power Paddles (each)

Deer Antler Power Paddles (each)

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Antlers are a very long lasting natural dog chew. Dogs simply love them! Deer tends to be on the harder side of the antler hardness scale. These are naturally shed deer antlers - that means NO ANIMALS ARE HARMED! 

The "power paddle" is the portion of the antler that is closer to the skull. It will be denser and thicker than the points of the antler. The bigger the power paddle, the thicker it will be and the less points it will have, resembling a large rectangle as opposed to an antler.

If your dog has not had an antler before, we recommend going with a split antler.  The marrow inside is appealing and easier to get to than a whole antler.  However, split antlers aren't as durable as whole antlers and may splinter if offered to an extremely powerful dog.

If your dog has dental issues, is a puppy, or a senior dog, we don't recommend any antlers and suggest trying a chew on the softer side such as a tendon or a bully stick.

Ingredients: 100% naturally shed deer antler, sourced from Central Europe.

Description: Antlers are sorted by weight, rather than length. The cut edges are beveled for a smoother finish. 

Chew Time: This antler is likely to withstand weeks to months before it needs to be replaced.

Recommended for: 

Large: Adult dogs over 50 lbs, this item typically weighs 6 ounces

Medium: Adult dogs between 30-50 lbs, this item typically weighs 4 ounces