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Skinny Beef Tendon 7 - 10"

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Skinny Beef Tendons are a great choice for any dog. If your pet is new to the tendon world, start with a skinny tendon.  It will be easier to digest and not as filling as a thicker tendon. These are also ideal for puppies, especially during teething months.  Considered "Nature's Dental Floss", tendons aid in dental health and are a good source of glucosamine.

Beef tendon is a completely digestible byproduct of processing beef for human consumption. Since humans do not eat this part of the animal, it can be repurposed as a dog chew instead of being discarded. It is better for the environment, safer than rawhide and healthier than processed dog chews. 

Ingredients: 100% Beef Tendon

Sourced and made in the USA.