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Carp Planks (by ounce)

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Made in the USA from USA wild caught Asian Carp, the Carp Skins are extremely high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Limited ingredients, no preservatives or fillers and no heavy metals or mercury.

These Asian Carp are caught in the waters of Kentucky by local fishermen and processed by a second chance employer.....all employees have been incarcerated and are getting a second chance at making a life for themselves. We call this our Fish on a Misison ®. 

Please note: This item is sold by ounce. Choose the number of ounces you wish to purchase by increasing the quantity to the desired number of ounces. You will receive approximately 3 to 5 carp planks per ounce.

I.e. 16oz = Qty: 16 (This will give you 1lb of product)