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The Crankle Bottle Bird Dog Toy is crafted with durable cotton rope, natural leather, coconut fiber filling and contains a recycled water bottle that’s sure to entice your pup every time you play! This toy is paw-fect for supervised solo play or interactive play between you and your furry BFF—the long body makes it especially easy for your dog to grab hold of during a game of fetch.

Key Benefits

  • Beautiful, eco-friendly dog toy made of cotton rope, natural leather and coconut fiber filling.
  • Stuffed with a recycled water bottle to provide that satisfying crunching sound dogs love.
  • Encourages plenty of play and exercise, so you can continue to strengthen the bond you share.
  • The long body makes it easy for your dog to retrieve.
  • Paw-fect for dogs from all life stages and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Why we love it: It’s eco-friendly making it safe for pet AND planet. Affordable and easy to repair if the rope gets chewed.