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Lamb Liver (by ounce)

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If your pet loves lamb lung, they are sure to love lamb liver!

This single ingredient freeze-dried lamb liver can be used as a food topper or single-ingredient treat. 

Sourced from the Midwest. NEVER any added hormones, GMO, or antibiotics. 

The freeze drying process starts by running the liver through a dicer, and then immediately after through an IQF machine. By doing this, it locks in all of the nutrition very quickly by freezing it down to -40°. It also creates a very small ice crystal in the meat. A lot of companies skip this step, and it creates a large ice crystal which makes the product more crumbly and a lot softer nor does it retain as much of its nutritional quality.

You will notice this product has very small holes which is where the ice crystals were sublimated out during the freeze-dried process. That is a sign of high-quality freezing prior to the freeze-drying. From there, the liver is put into a free strain chamber and run on an ideal time and temperature.  This is a product specific process. It is a very gentle dry, and the liver retains about 97% of its original nutritional value. 

Ingredients: Freeze-dried lamb liver

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (Min.) 86%, Crude Fat (Min.) 14%, Crude Fiber (Max.) 1%, Moisture (Max.) 7%.

Calorie Content (ME/calculated) 3900 Kcal/Kg, 4 kcal/g

Treat Size: Varies

Treat Texture: Crunchy - soften with added water

Please note this product is sold by ounce.  If you choose a quantity of 8, you will receive 8 ounces.

ie: Quantity 16 = 1 pound of product