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Kong Teasers Cat Toys

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The KONG Teaser Cat Toys are designed for interactive play, and each toy contains KONG Premium North American Catnip for added stimulation. Bright feathers and a crinkle sound tempt cats to capture these toys.

The KONG Teaser Stellar Cat Toy lures your cat into extended kitty playtime with eight feet of twirling, swirling ribbon that spirals and floats irresistibly to the ground. Engaging a kitty’s natural instincts for chasing and pouncing the unpredictable movement of the ribbon is great for interactive play. The chirping star and mesmerizing rainbow ribbon combine for a perfect eclipse of kitty entertainment that encourages extended exercise and bonding time between you and your kitty star.

Key Benefits

  • Extended spellbinding ribbon satisfies chasing & pouncing instincts
  • Chirping star piques playful curiosities
  • High contrast colored ribbon designed to engage for extended fun

KONG Teaser Curlz Cat Toy features corkscrew curls that make for crazy kitties. This fun wand allows for interactive play with your cat and its durable woven spirals have a crazy-fast recoil, prompting your cat to leap, pounce and dash after his target. When your ferocious feline pounces on the feather and ribbon target at the end of the wand, high-speed springing action encourages him to play even more intensely for a fun, exciting play session for you both. A clear, glittery wand and bright colors make this toy look as festive as it is fun.

Key Benefits
  • Corkscrew curl with fast recoil makes for paw-some playtime with your furry friend.
  • Woven spirals and feather target reward him with more action when he pounces.
  • Boa feathers add engagement.
  • Allows for interactive play.
  • Clear, glittery wand and bright colors for a festive and fun toy.

KONG Teaser Loopz has an extra-long wand and soft yarn rings that satisfy hunt and capture instincts. The chunky yarn rings provide a fulfilling reward while meeting stalking needs. A shiny ball and fluttery feathers give kitties an exciting visual target for pouncing while the ball’s crackling sound keeps cats interested. KONG North American Premium Catnip in the ball boosts mood, to keep kitties playing longer.

Key Benefits

  • Extra-long, soft yarn loops reward hunt and capture
  • Chunky yarn rings satisfy stalking needs
  • Shiny, crackly ball, entices batting play