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Fun-Flex Pet Bandages

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$2.50 USD

Flexible self-adhesive lightweight bandages provided a superior hold. Can be easily adjusted to even the most awkward body outlines making it useful for every type of treatment need. Easy to tear where needed and can be readjusted several times for maximum support or fit.

Spray with bittering agent if your pet likes to chew on their wounds to discourage the behavior and help the healing process.  

Great for supporting weak ankles or after surgeries when pets are getting back on their feet after downtime.

  • Features and benefits:
  • Easy to tear, secure fast and efficient usage
  • Cohesive, no need for further fixation
  • Doesn´t stick to hair or skin
  • Great strength and elasticity
  • Comfortable, light and breathable material
  • Controlled compression- does not constrict unless wrongly applied
  • Easily removed with a pair of scissors