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  • Butterfly Chase Wand Cat Toy - Happy Hounds Pet Supply
  • Butterfly Chase Wand Cat Toy - Happy Hounds Pet Supply
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Butterfly Chase Wand Cat Toy

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$9.95 USD

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Unleash kitty’s natural desire to chase and pounce.

Perfect for hours of interactive play between cat and owner. The bendable wire wand prevents kitty from chewing off or tearing off the toy from the stick and can be bent in any direction to create different play scenarios.

Many cats stay inside all of their lives, separated from the stimulating, engaging activities that are naturally available outside of the house. To help address your cat's instinctual needs, Invironment® products offer a variety of natural materials, textures and activities to provide the Invironment® that kitty craves, making them a safe and happy cat!

Features & details

  • Bend and shape wire for different types of play
  • Butterfly made of natural feathers to chase and bat
  • Great bouncing motion for hours of fun
  • Comfort grip handle