Bulk Organ Meats
Bulk Organ Meats
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Bulk Organ Meats

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Organs are known as SUPERFOODS because they are so nutrient dense. They contain vitamins A, B12, D, E and K as well as iron, phosphorus, copper and magnesium. You can feed these treats to support your dog's overall health and well-being.


Beef Heart is PACKED full of vitamins and minerals, and when sourced from 100% pasture-raised, grass-fed beef, it guarantees you get only the best when feeding organs.

  • Packed with a healthy dose of B12, an essential enzyme. 
  • It can help fight certain cancers.
  • Also rich in folate, iron, and zinc and is a cardioprotective organ, which means it is great for your dog's heart!

Ingredients: 100% Beef heart

weight: sold by the ounce



Transparently sourced from 100% pasture-raised chicken, these break-to-size sticks are perfect for every dog and any occasion!

  • Break-to-size: Great for general reward, training, or sprinkle into mealtime!
  • 100% Chicken Gizzard: Single-ingredient, single-source protein, all from one single farm.

Only the GOOD stuff:
The first ingredient is the only ingredient, giving you 100% Chicken Gizzard. With the power of dehydration, pups get treats that are free of salt, sugars, fillers, chemicals, and preservatives!

Ingredients: 100% Dehydrated Chicken Gizzard!
Weight: sold by the ounce