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Bisou's Bistro - Hydration Formula

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Dehydration is a major concern when it comes to our pets, especially those on a dry kibble diet.  When hot weather sets in or a long trek into the backcountry is planned, it is important to keep your fur buddy properly hydrated with electrolytes. Just like in humans, when our electrolytes are low, we feel dizzy, light headed and may even pass out!  Our pets experience these same issues but at a more rapid rate.  The importance of replenishing those essential minerals and compounds in the body becomes crucial. That's why we made the Hydration Formula! 

Our homemade Hydration Formula comes in a 2oz pouch and is made with Bone broth, molasses and salt.  That's it. We keep these in the freezer to maintain freshness.  Upon purchase, keep it in the freezer until you are ready to head out on an excursion.  Simply throw it in your, or better yet, your pet's pack to cool them down while hiking, allowing it to thaw as you go.  When pup seems a little draggy, give him a few licks of the formula and watch him perk up quickly! You can also keep it in the fridge and allow it to thaw if you need it faster or more frequently to help with recovery from illness.  It will remain viable at room temperatures for several days unopened. 
Got a sick pet?  Electrolytes are very important for them too!  When you can't get your pet to eat, this formula can help.
I take one whenever I hike with Bisou.  It has been a savior on those extra hot days or when she's feeling a little slunky. As a bonus, it's totally human grade so you can slurp it up too! 
We've been using this for over a year now and figured it was long overdue to bring it to you, our wonderful pet friends. Enjoy and stay cool out there!