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American Bison Horn Caps

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American Bison Horns are high in protein while remaining low in fat. The natural texture helps to clean teeth & gums as your pet chews, which aids in overall dental health. Horn Caps are a larger chew for bigger dogs and will make a long lasting chew for even the toughest chewers out there. They range from about 12” to 14” long and 4” to 5” wide at their widest end.  Make this an even more enticing treat by stuffing the opening with their favorite soft treat and freezing. 

• Natural bison
• One source protein
• Promotes healthy teeth & gums
• High in protein while low in fat
• Non splintering & non abrasive
• Free range & grass fed
• No additives or preservatives
• Long lasting chew

You won’t find these very often so get one while they last!