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Rubber Ball on Rope

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Natural Rubber Ball on Rope

Going the distance to keep your dog leaping to the sky. This added weight of the natural rubber ball keeps it soaring through the air as they chase and (sometimes) catch.
Ball: Natural Rubber
Rope: Recycled Cotton
Small: 12"
Large: 20"

Quality Matters


Sustainably harvested from the trunk of rubber trees, natural rubber takes the best from nature. It is tough, hardwearing and springy enough to satisfy the heaviest of chewers. The soft yet strong rope is made from recycled cotton, fastened with chunky knots.


The long rope handle means the ball builds momentum as you swing it, giving extra throwing distance. When released, this toy will soar like no other, with your dog close behind.


Whether your dog’s a fetcher, a grab-and-runner or a stay-by-your-side-staring-blankly-er. The ball on rope is a key addition to any of your dog’s adventures. The ball wipes clean and the rope is easy to grip, so if your dog gets tired of carrying, you can step in.